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Better Together Team


Alba is a Social Worker from Barcelona with more than 10 years of experience working for the Inclusion of People of Determination and People facing Mental Health Challenges in Europe and in the UAE. She thinks raising awareness and understanding is key for a healthy, respectful, tolerant, and inclusive community. She also loves being in the sea doing water sports, enjoying some me time.


CEO & Co-Founder


Ahmed is a well-rounded professional with a background in engineering, sales, business development, and social work. He is driven by his passion for inclusion and supporting those around him in reaching their full potential. Ahmed accumulated a diverse portfolio of skills working in various industries and brings his collective experience to the table when advocating for inclusion. You will regularly see him outdoors meeting new people.


CIO & Co-Founder


Khaled started his involvement with PoDs in March of 2019 volunteering for the Special Olympics World Games. Through that experience, Khaled has gained the confidence in dealing with PoDs, and has been volunteering in every opportunity that he comes across. Khaled is passionate about ceasing any opportunity supporting the well-being of the society.


BD Director & Co-Founder

Prof Eman pic.PNG

Professor Gaad is the Dean of the Faculty of Education and a Full Professor of Special and Inclusive Education at British University in Dubai. She has advised policy and decision makers as a senior consultant for both governments of Dubai and Abu Dhabi on disability related issues. She has established herself as a world class researcher, advocate, international social development consultant, expert, certified assessor, and a professional social trainer.


PoD & Inclusion Consultant Volunteer

Shamma Alkhaja.PNG

Shamma is an emirati graphic designer with experience in bringing organizations identities to life. Shamma is a truly mental health advocate. She is the author of the booklets "Light my Heart", written with one objective: raise awareness about mental health by sharing her own journey towards wellbeing. Her passion for art and design does not end after work!


Art Projects Lead

Bárbara Mota.jpeg

Bárbara is a psychologist from Portugal who has been building her professional path working for the inclusion of people facing mental health and social challenges. She chose this job for believing in its power to build a more tolerant, inclusive and fair society. She also loves nature, adventure and traveling in order to continue to leave her footprints in the world.

Community Projects Officer


Web Designer Lead

Mental Health Advocate

Social Media Manager


WhatsApp Image 2021-06-02 at

Alya is an AUD Masters Student studying Innovation and Leadership in Contemporary Media. She is also a personal trainer who specializes in training women. She also happens to work in social media, which she enjoys. Alya is a passionate mental health advocate, and she is always open to support people struggling with mental health challenges from her own journey towards wellbeing.


Am Silruk

Am is a visual artist from Thailand. She is currently in her last year studying double major in Visual Arts and Film Practice at NYU Abu Dhabi. Although cinematography and graphic design are her interests, she mostly spend time on 3D media. She is passionate in bringing peace in the form of art. Most of her works are open-ended conversation as she believes that there is no right or wrong way to interpret art.

Sara Almansoori.jpg

Sara is an Emirati student at NYUAD majoring in psychology. She is passionate about advocating for the importance of mental health and hopes to raise more awareness about it, especially in societies where mental health is considered “taboo”. Sara is also interested in activities that promote healthy and active living, such as meditating, working out, and having a balanced lifestyle.

Sara Almansoori

Bashayer Al Nuaimi_Photo.JPG

Bashayer is a third-year New York University Abu Dhabi student studying Political Science and Creative Writing. She is passionate about business, women’s studies, and journalism. You’ll usually find her at your local coffee shop reading the next fantasy YA novel. She enjoys travel and looking for adventure in every corner of the world. As well, she is passionate about mental health and wellbeing advocacy in the UAE.


Project Development Lead

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